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  HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 01/29/2014
    DVVD WINNER: LES ARENES 10/16/2013
    BATIACTU TROPHY 09/24/2013
    A+ AWARDS GALA 05/31/2013
    BATIACTU AWARDS 05/07/2013
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> DVVD WINNER : BERCY ARENA 04/20/2012 <
    DVVD is the winner of the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy modernization competition!

With 90 millions euros and 4 years of work, the "POPB" will become "Bercy Arena 2015": a hall matching Paris, respecting its sustainability charter called "Plan Climat", open on the district, ready to welcome 21st century concerts, sporting and various events.

We are proud to be part of this beautiful project.

Our team:
DVA and DVVD – architects, representatives
DVVD – structural engineering, facades and execution master builder
POPULOUS - architecture consultants
ALTO Ingénierie – HVAC, electricity and sustainability engineering
GARDINER & THEOBALD - cost experts
PEUTZ & Associés - acoustics engineering
SEPIA GC - geotechnics and civil engineering
CASSO - technical guidance and fire systems coordinator
CRONOS CONSEIL - safety and risks prevention consultant
SYSTAL - kitchens engineering.

Picture: DVVD / A.zuga

The project

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